Turkish Citizenship

About Citizenship

Obtaining Turkish citizenship is no longer difficult, procedures have been simplified in its simplest forms And from the principle of the Turkish state’s support for investment and investors, you can now obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing one or more properties in the amount of 250,000 US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish lira.


Our company, in cooperation with a Turkish lawyer specializing in investor affairs wishing to obtain citizenship, submits all the necessary papers and follows up the procedures with the competent authorities and issues a Turkish passport within a maximum period of 5 months


As for the papers required to obtain Turkish citizenship, they are :

  1. A copy of the tapu (title deed of the purchased property)


  2. A property valuation report that does not exceed the value recorded in the title deed (its validity period is 3 months) is issued by the official authorities approved by the Turkish state.


  3. Payment receipts from the buyer’s account are sealed directly from the bank and the transfer is made to the project owner company directly


  4. Two copies of the power of attorney for the citizenship application to be granted to the company’s legal team to submit the nationality file and follow it up in the official departments


  5. Translation and certification of a passport by a notary for all family members (husband and wife + children under the age of 18)


  6. Birth certificates for all children applying for citizenship, translated and certified by the foreign ministry in your country


  7. Marriage certificate translated and certified by the foreign ministry


What our clients say about us

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