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Questions about selling

When you buy any property in Turkey, you can apply and obtain real estate residency by submitting the following documents:
1- The title deed of the real estate
2- Health insurance for every member of the family
3- Earthquake insurance (dask)
4- A family statement translated and certified by the Turkish embassy in your country

After the Corona pandemic, real estate ownership has become available online and with guarantees that prevent you from coming to Turkey
And be through the following steps
1- Choosing a property by doing a real estate tour via a video call or through 3D programs that allow you to get to know the project and its area, wander inside the apartment and get to know the project details, features and location
2- Entrust the real estate company to do the process of seizing the property and transferring its ownership through an agency to be extracted from the Turkish consulate in your home country
3- Transferring the agreed amount directly to the construction company that owns the property through the official accounts of the company after making sure that the property’s specifications match the title deed

Real estate residence permit in Turkey allows you to enter Turkish lands without a visa or prior security measures

The possibility of applying for a visa to other countries easily

The possibility of obtaining the Turkish driver’s license recognized in more than 112 countries around the world

The ability to renew real estate residence is greater than the tourist residence and its period is longer

Registration in Turkish schools and universities

Medical services in Turkish hospitals at a nominal fee

Many of us ask about the interest on installments in residential projects, because this issue is of importance to Muslims for fear of falling into usury and forbidden actions.
The answer is: There is no interest on installments for residential projects with short-term installments, and it is present in government residential projects with long-term installments of 10 years or more at a rate of up to 20% of the property price

Yes, to achieve the greatest material benefit, we recommend buying the property in the early stages of construction because the launch price is always encouraging to investors, and the price per square meter in the project continues until the completion of its construction and here you will have achieved the largest possible profit upon resale.

Property ownership tax, which is 4% of the property value (usually divided between the construction company and the buyer 2% on each party)
The value-added tax is 1% of the agreed price for sale, and if the property area is more than 150 square meters, the tax value is 18%

Real estate appraisal costs: to be by agreement either on the buyer or the construction company and is estimated at 1500 Turkish lira

Meter opening fees (water – electricity – gas) vary from one project to another and have a maximum of 6000 Turkish Lira

Yes, you can get the full amount back, and usually the reservation period in projects is two weeks or according to the agreement
In the event that the purchase is canceled, you can refund the reservation amount for any reason, without any discounts at all
This item does not include the amount of the first payment of the property price, and the conditions for returning the first payment amount vary from one company to another and the fines resulting from this matter.

It is a number that you get from the Turkish Tax Department and free of charge that allows you to do all financial work and official transactions in the country, such as extracting residency, opening a bank account, owning a property, delegating individuals, buying a car, and paying fees in many transactions in Turkey.

Question about After selling

Our company provides you with all pre-sales, during and after sales services completely free of charge in order to build a strong, long-term relationship with our customers

Our company provides you with annual maintenance services, design and decoration, opening bank accounts, issuing a residence in Turkey, renting the property, following up the tenant in collecting rents until the apartment is delivered and paying the annual fees for the property in government facilities in the event that we are authorized to do so and in the event that you want to resell the property, the company will market His and his prioritization of options presented to potential customers

Yes, because our company has an agreement with a licensed law firm in Istanbul specialized only in obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreign investors, and many investors have been handed Turkish passports for them and their families.

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Yes, buying a property in Turkey, according to Turkish law, gives you the right of ownership for life and is inherited after a long life

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